Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nostro Apartamento

Our apartment building is on Via Francesco a Ripa in Roma's Trastevere district just off the main piazza. We're on the first floor of the ochre-colored building pictured and have the two windows next to those draped with Brazilian flags. Our landlords are from Brazil and are still in mourning for their defeated team. There's a great pizzeria downstairs and a superb deli across the street. We also consider ourselves lucky because we happen to be near one of Rome's only inner city playgrounds. Sure, everyone smokes and the bums have staked out a corner to enjoy their boxed wine, but there is shade, so that's an improvement over what we're used to in Napa.

We visited il Museo dei Bambini yesterday which is a kids' museum like Scientopia. Not all the exhibits worked correctly, but parents can enjoy a cappuccino or campari if they so choose so we were less inclined to be critical. Limiting liquor licenses to restaurants and bars as we do back in the U.S. now seems incredibly short sighted.

We're off to the coast tomorrow for a few days to explore the beaches of Anzio, Sperlonga and Gaeta and indulge in a little seafoood for a change. The Romans love their obscure organ meats with pecorino but I'm looking forward to lighter fare in the 90+ degree heat.

Here's an example of some of the focaccia we enjoyed last night.


  1. yum! do they sell any onion focaccia? a favorite i grew up on!

  2. Si si! It's one of my favorites. I look forward to visiting Giovanni's parents' town in Puglia in August as there are two bakeries that compete for the title of "best onion focaccia in town". Anchovy with zucchini flowers is another choice that never disappoints.

  3. I'm so glad u have a blog, my sweet journalista. It would have been cool if there was such a thing as blogs back when we were stuck is the obscure forest in some remote part of Salerno with Mauro, the vegan and his posse.