Sunday, July 4, 2010

La prima pizza

Our first pizza (exhibit A) was a classic margherita enjoyed in Trastevere at a popular little place known as "Ai Spaghetteri" and washed down with a crisp Fallenghina. The kids did surprisingly well considering the 6+ hour layover in Dusseldorf and appear to be thrilled to be back in the land of competing gelaterias on every corner. Gio and I are thrilled to be back in the land of mandatory post-prandial naps for the entire populace and 12% alchohol vino that can be enjoyed without negatively impacting the next morning's agenda. We're definitely in the big city what with the nightly serenades of pigeons, motorinos, and street sweepers and the creative graffiti emblazoned on most everything stationery, but the beauty of the ochre-walled palazzos, rosy sunsets, and the variety of delicacies offered at the average deli is awe-inspiring.


  1. drink lots of fallenghia for me... its delicious... but I haven't had much luck finding a good one in california!...

  2. Maria,

    I LOVE this blog! It is such a nice way for all of us stuck Stateside stay in touch and to live vicariously through you and the boys! Keep blogging please.